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‘tinycodet’ adds some functions to help in your coding etiquette. It primarily focuses on 4 aspects:

  1. Safer decimal (in)equality testing, standard-evaluated alternatives to with() and aes(), and other functions for safer coding.
  2. A new package import system, that attempts to combine the benefits of using a package without attaching, with the benefits of attaching a package.
  3. Extending the string manipulation capabilities of the ‘stringi’ R package.
  4. Reducing repetitive code.

‘tinycodet’ adheres to the tinyverse philosophy (not to be confused with the tidyverse). Besides linking to ‘Rcpp’, ‘tinycodet’ has only one other dependency: ‘stringi’. No other dependencies, thus avoiding “dependency hell”. Most functions in this R-package are vectorized and optimised.

Although this is a relatively small R package, I do understand you may not want to go through all the articles and help files of ‘tinycodet’ without knowing if the R package is even worth your time. Therefore, to get a quick glimpse of what ‘tinycodet’ provides, I humbly invite you to take a look at the Get Started page on the website (



One can install ‘tinycodet’ from CRAN like so:


Or get the development version from GitHub like so:


And attach the package - thus exposing its functions to the namespace - using:

And one can open the introduction help page of the ‘tinycodet’ package using any of the following:



Reporting issues and giving suggestions

When you coming across an issue with the ‘tinycodet’ R package, please report it in the “Issues” tab on the GitHub page ( If relevant, please provide reproducible R code, as that will make it easier to diagnose the issue. Please keep issue reports polite, professional, and to the point.


If you have questions or ideas, please submit them in the “Discussion” tab on the GitHub page (